Panita Chanrasmi


All the arts contribute to the greatest of all arts: the art of living
— Bertolt Brecht

March 2016

// PRODUCTION ASSISTANT - "Model Woman", a pilot for a new TV series about the rise of supermodels in the 1970's starring Andie McDowell for ABC.

// CO-PRODUCER, 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - "Series Commitment", a commercial for Cornetto (Good Humor) about Netflix cheating, starring an ensemble cast and directed by Michelle Cassis. Cinematography by Tomas Velasquez.


// PRODUCTION COORDINATOR - "Cortex", an sci-fi thriller feature starring Josh Lucas, Janina Gavankar, Rene Auberjonois, directed by Ralph Soll in association with Rollin' Studios. Cinematography by Jon Carr.

// PRODUCER - "Rock and a Hard Place", a comedy short starring Will Hochman, Michael Levinson, Isabella Conrad and Rachel Pirard. Directed by French director Felix Burgan with cinematography by French director of photography Guillaume Marbeck. Shot on Arri Alexa. 

January 2016

// CO-WRITER, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR - "Let Us Begin", a short film starring Pascal Yen-Pfister for the Moet Moment Film Competition on the theme of #capturethenow hosted by Moet & Chandon, which made it to the final round. Cinematography by Arseniy Grobovnikov.

// ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - "Traditions", a thriller short written and directed by Sultan Al Faisal Al Saud, with cinematography by Peter Sikkens.


// PRODUCTION MANAGER - [In association with CloverThree Milan] Documentary/Promo short for the "Fondazione Paracelso", a non-profit organization helping haemophiliac patients based in Italy, about eight patients' journey to New York to participate in the 2015 TSC NYC Marathon.


// WRITER, DIRECTOR - "Dare to Dream", a commercial for the New York Film Academy shot in Times Square, starring Giulia Martinelli. Cinematography by Elmo Kelbour.


// PRODUCER - "Someone Like Me", written and directed by aspiring Nigerian filmmaker Ademola Soares. Cinematography by Renfang Ke.


// CO-WRITER, DIRECTOR, EDITOR - MUSIC VIDEO "38" ft. Allan Rand by Bark (Alessio Casalini and Alexey Artemov) for their upcoming EP, starring Pascal Yen-Pfister and Anna Bullard. Cinematography by Arseniy Grobovnikov.

JULY 2015

// CO-WRITER, DIRECTOR - MUSIC VIDEO "Home" ft. Allan Rand by Bark (Alessio Casalini and Alexey Artemov) for their upcoming EP, starring Veronica Nolte. Cinematography by Arseniy Grobovnikov.

// PRODUCER - "Saying Nothing", a horror short written and directed by aspiring Russian filmmaker Alexander Esin. Cinematography by Falk Mattern.

// ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - "Para No Volver", written and directed by up and coming Peruvian filmmaker, Diego Julca, produced by Aksa Arevalo. Cinematography by Arseniy Grobovnikov.

JUNE 2015

// PRODUCER - "The Greater Sin", starring Michael Simon Hall and Elena Paloumbis. Written and directed by emerging Nigerian filmmaker and photographer, Akinwumi Osunkoya. Cinematography by Vic Roxas.

// ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - "Our Perfect World", an experimental short starring Amy Rutledge and Patrick Stoffer, written and directed by Mexican filmmaker Mariana Henandez Ruiz, cinematography by aspiring German cinematographer Falk Mattern.

// MODEL - "TACET" ( jewelry line. Photography by Arseniy Grobovnikov.

MAY 2015

// WRITER, DIRECTOR & CO-PRODUCER - "Fire and Ice" (based on the poem "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost), starring Amy Rutledge and Josh Quat, on 35mm film. Cinematography by up and coming Iranian cinematographer Kioomars Doroodi.

APRIL 2015

// WRITER - "The Good Morning Guy" (working title: "To My Ex-Girlfriend's Admirer") is Panita's first short screenplay to be optioned (sold).


// PRODUCER - "Everything but the Kitchen Sink", starring Ryan Wesen. Written and directed by Russian filmmaker and animator, Amir Kadiev.

// ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - "SoulRunner", starring Justin Patrick Mohr. Written and directed by Paul Lecques. Cinematography by emerging Swedish cinematographer, Fredrik Ekmark.


// WRITER, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER - "Silence is Golden", starring Alex Sarrigeorgiou. Cinematography by Arseniy Grobovnikov.

JULY 2014

// WRITER, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER - "Bad Seeds", a stoner comedy starring Frank Brander and Joseph Folks. Cinematography by Arseniy Grobovnikov.

MARCH 2014

// WRITER, DIRECTOR - "A Gift From the Sky", commercial for "PrimaNest" new cosmetic line, "PrimaPure" (Thailand), starring Abraham Winter and Soo J Gyeoun. 


// WRITER, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER - "Shots", starring Frank Brander and Whitnee Barrett. Cinematography by award-winning Russian cinematographer and photographer, Arseniy Grobovnikov.